1. Simple and free file storage for your website using Dropbox and Google App Engine

    by Arjun Sreedharan

    Hi folks,

    I wanted to host some files on my this website which i host on tumblr.
    So, i decided to put them on dropbox and write a simple python app hosted on google app engine that serves them.
    Finally, pointed one of my subdomains to the python app - so i can host stuff in my domain like files.arjunsreedharan.org/test

    I have put the code on Github: arjun024/pystorage

    To use for your website, all your need to do is specify your dropbox user-id and the name of the folder you wish to store your content.
    Read on.

    What services we use here

    How we build our environment


    • Create a dropbox account.
    • Create a folder inside your “Public” directory.
    • Create a test file inside that folder, Right-click and view its public url and find out your user-id.
      (public url will be of the syntax: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/<USERID>/<YOURFOLDER>/testfile)
    • Input user-id and folder-name as variable values in index.py.

    Google App Engine

    • Create a Google App Engine account.
    • register a unique app-id.
    • now your application will run at <app-id>.appspot.com
    • Dowload Python and Google App Engine SDK
    • Download source files of pystorage project from github. (here)
    • Select “src” folder as the project folder in the GAE SDK.
    • Deploy it to App Engine.



    This serves the file ‘test’ that is located in the specified folder of my Dropbox’s Public directory.

    Access the files under your own domain

    • Let’s say you want to acces the test file as <files.yourwebsite.com>/test
    • Login to your App Engine, set custom domain for your app as <files.yourwebsite.com>
    • In your website’s DNS settings: point CNAME record for <files.yourwebsite.com> to ghs.googlehosted.com
    • You’re done.

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